Ensocoat and Ensocoat 2Shttp://authoring.storaenso.com/se/ensocoat/Lists/NavigationInfo/DispForm.aspx?ID=27Ensocoat and Ensocoat 2S <p>​​Ensocoat is Stora Enso’s flagship board crafted to meet the demands of the graphics industry and luxury packaging. Produced from responsibly sourced, certified raw materials, it serves as the industry standard for high performance and sustainability. </p> <p>As a high-end graphical board, Ensocoat is crafted to offer the best of the best in all performance areas. Surface smoothness and printing performance have been optimised to impress even in the most demanding applications. Top-quality whiteness and UV resistance allow even more engaging briskness. In two crucial functionality areas, reverse side print result and craftability, Ensocoat has gained an even greater advantage over its competitors, providing stunning results.</p><p>All things considered, Ensocoat combines superior performance in several areas making it the undisputed champion of the luxury board class. Ensocoat 2S is a two-side coated option, for a symmetrical appearance on both sides of the board.​</p> <p>When your business is in the first impression business, there is only one board good enough to get the job done. Ensocoat – Making the First Impression.</p><p><strong>Technical specifications: </strong><a href="http://assets.storaenso.com/se/renewablepackaging/DownloadDocuments/Ensocoat-en.pdf"><strong>Ensocoat​</strong></a><strong> & </strong><a href="http://assets.storaenso.com/se/renewablepackaging/DownloadDocuments/Ensocoat2S-en.pdf"><strong>Ensocoat 2S​</strong></a></p> <h2>SUMMARY</h2> <ul class="bulleted-list"> <li>Excellent print performance on both sides</li> <li>Superb smoothness and suitability for special effects</li> <li>First class whiteness and UV resistance</li> <li>Best-in-business folding strength and craftability</li> <li>Strong multilayer structure allowing unlimited converting possibilities</li> <li>Good selection of barrier coatings</li> <li>Very good quality consistency</li> <li>Wide selection of barrier coating options enabling also new types of primary packaging</li> <li>Advanced product from responsibly sourced, certified and renewable raw materials</li></ul><p>For graphical end use, Ensocoat is available with the EU Ecolabel Certificate, which confirms that the boards fulfil the European Commission’s ecological criteria for copying and graphic paper.<br> </p>http://ensocoat.storaenso.com/material-request, ensocoat.storaenso.com/material-requesthttp://ensocoat.storaenso.com/contact-sales-team, ensocoat.storaenso.com/contact-sales-team